Why do people are still against gay mariage

Sutfin et M. The first was that the children would be rejected by their peers or that they would be mocked. Perreau, Paris, PUF, p.

Why do people are still against gay mariage

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  • If I marry someone for purely pragmatic tax reasons have my rights been violated? It just makes the arguments used invalid.
  • It is a relationship rooted in human nature and thus governed by natural law. It is not an issue for the federal government.
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  • If the government gave you tax benefits for playing baseball, then those who hated baseball would feel cheated. Either way, a marriage certificate is the foundation of a family unit and this is extremely important to many people.
  • Neither even gets 20 mpg.
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Archived from the original on 19 February In Quebec, legal protection of same-sex couples and same-sex families has been effective since The proposal never got approved. Title 3 and Articles 20 and 21 of the law amended the Law on the Freedom of the Press of 29 July to make provisions for more specific offenses including injury, defamation, insult, incitement to hatred or violence, or discrimination against a person or group of persons because of their gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Why do people are still against gay mariage
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