The population was not homogeneous

As regards whorl : loop ratio of the Koch of Goalpara approximating 40 : 60varies from the tribal population having almost 50 : 50 pattern ratio in the finger. It is a continuative one, i. Table IV. Les compositions selon l'invention conduisent à une coloration intense, rapide et homogène.

The population was not homogeneous

Views Read Edit View history. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? La Ferrara An intermediate-level study might move from looking at the variability to studying changes in the skewness. A test for homogeneity, in the sense of exact equivalence of statistical distributions, can be based on an E-statistic.

Что The population was not homogeneous

Races of Man and their distribution, Cambridge. Somatometric features that set apart the Koch of Goalpara from most of the tribal samples include the former's significantly higher stature with broader and higher head. An attempt has been made to compare the anthropométrie characters of the Koch of Goalpara with those of some other tribal The population was not homogeneous populations of Assam.

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  • Chemistry chem of, composed of, or concerned with a single phase. Main articles: Homogenization chemistry and Mixing process engineering.
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The population of the village has remained remarkably homogeneous. As a result, they have higher mean values of length height index and breadth height index and differ significantly from others. Allen B. Sengupta Sarthak. Unpublished Ph.

The population was not homogeneous
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